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Charles Libby Photographs

These pages contain over 350 images of Charles Libby, the largest online collection available. Mr. Libby and son are synonymous with Spokane and the Inland Empire. Together they documented the Inland northwest story from the late 1900s through 1960s in literally hundreds of thousands of images. The 8x10 photographs on these pages were savaged by Jerry Quinn when a local distributer was ridding themselves of their collection. Since the Libby's were commercial photographers, their images have been distributed extensively so much so that no one collection can claim to possess the only copies of photographs. They are organized roughly by subject. I have not researched them as to exact details -every image has a unique number and image date that could be cross-referenced in a Libby index catalogue.   
A contemporary of Charles Libby was a Portland based photographer Fred Kiser. Anyone with an interest in Glacier National Park
or the Great Northern Railway has probably seen Fred Kiser’s hand-colored photographs and postcards.
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: Glacier National Park - Great Northern Railway - Fred Kiser Artographs 1909-1912
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